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FAQ – Japan Wanted
  • How much is the service fee?
    We strive to remain transparent and upfront about all charges on JapanWanted (JW). Please refer to the JW’s service fee guide for a detailed breakdown of all costs and fees associated with using the JW service.

    click here for the Service Fee guide
  • Will I be charged any consumption tax as part of my purchase?
    Essentially, items listed on Yahoo! Auction are not subject to taxation. When using our shopping service (via Yahoo! Shopping, Amazon, Rakuten, etc.) most of the listed items already have the tax combined with the total price. There are certain auctions where the seller basically operates as an online store; in those situations, you may be charged an 10% consumption tax.
  • What exactly are bank transfer fees and why are they charged?
    When JW makes a payment to a seller, we are obligated to pay a fee to the bank issuing the fund transfer. JW ‘s service fee is JPY 300.
  • What are the benefits of consolidating packages services?
    The consolidating packages service was designed with the customer in mind, and its purpose is to save you money. When multiple packages are shipped and processed through consolidation, you will save a substantial amount on the total international shipping cost. An easier and more financially feasible option than sending items separately, the consolidation service is available for as low as 500 yen.
  • What is the Repackaging service?
    The repackaging service takes the worry and hassle out of international shipping. When your items arrive at our warehouse, we will thoroughly inspect the internal and external condition of the package. If the package is unsuitable for international shipment, we will promptly of the issue(s). We will then carefully repackage your items a new box that sturdy and durable, ensuring your package reaches its destination without incurring any unnecessary damages. We will also fill any voids in the package with air cushions and newspaper so that your items aren’t thrown about during transit. The repackaging fee is set at a modest 500 yen.
  • Can you guarantee there will be no custom or duties when the package arrives?
    In all honesty, we cannot speculate on the duties and incurred taxes when using standard shipping. All international packages are subject to charges upon arrival in their destination country, and we have no control or input on those charges. Those charges are solely determined by the destination country’s custom authorities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding duties and taxes in your country, we strongly recommend that you contact your local customs office for additional clarification.
  • How to place a bid?
    Placing a bid is very simple through JW’s automated bidding system. You can easily find what you’re looking for with our intuitive search engine and translation tools. Once your PayPal account is verified, you can start bidding on auction items up to the value held in your account.
  • What happens if I failed bidding?
    If you do not win the item you’re bidding on, you will be immediately issued a full refund no questions asked.
  • If I purchase multiple items from the same seller, can the associated fees be combined?
    Yes, only if the items were won on the same day and from the same seller. Instead of being charged domestic shipping and bank transfer fees for both items, you would be charged both fees for only 1 item. Please kind in mind that some sellers set their own rules and standards of business, and will not combine fees for multiple purchase items.
  • Can I ask the seller a question before placing a bid?
    Feel free to contact us directly is you have questions about any items. We can reach out to the seller, ask your question, and relay the response promptly. There are some instances where the seller doesn’t respond, but we do our best to get you the answer to all of your questions (aside from additional photos of the items).
  • What if I want to cancel my bid?
    All bids and sales are final on Japan Wanted. Per the terms and conditions of our site, we are also unable to return items. Please make sure you’re bidding the correct amount and bidding on the correct product before finalizing your bid. Japanese sellers are very strict about this, and will not do future business with someone who cancels bids and/or returns products.
  • Am I prohibited from purchasing any items?
    There are some items that cannot be purchased due to law governing shipping certain items overseas. Before placing any bids, please make sure that the item is not banned from overseas shipment. Again, we’re unable to refund or cancel any items once you’ve won or bid on said item. Please refer to our list of restricted items at the link below:

    List of items prohibited for shipping to all countries.
  • What websites can I purchase from with Japan Wanted?
    You’re able to purchase products from any Japanese website by using Japan Wanted. We have a “shopping cart system” that can currently be used to purchase items on Yahoo! Shopping and Rakuten, Amazon Japan, and any other online stores. We will even travel to certain shops to personally purchase an item for you if it’s not available online.
  • How can I check the domestic delivery fee?
    There so many variable to go into the domestic shipping fees on Japanese websites. Typically, shipping methods and rates will be listed on the company’s homepage. If the information isn’t listed there or if you have trouble understanding Japanese, we will try to find this information for you.
  • Some items are listed as “Pre-Order” and have an estimated arrival date. As an overseas buyer, am I able to “Pre-Order” items?
    Pre-Order generally indicates that the item is currently out of stock, but still available for purchase as it will be restocked soon (hence the estimated arrival date). You simply need to click “add to cart” and then complete the purchase. We will contact you as soon as the item arrives in our warehouse.
  • I’ve changed my mind. How do I cancel my order?
    Per the terms and conditions of our website, we’re unable to cancel or return any items before finalizing any orders. Please be mindful of what you’re purchasing and how much you’re spending.
  • If I purchase multiple items from the same store, can the payment fee and domestic delivery be combined?
    Yes, only if your items have been purchased from the same store/seller and on the same order. Doing so will help you save on the domestic shipping and commission fees. Please note that very few online stores can combine fees on Pre-Order items with existing items. The domestic shipping fee will, more than likely, be charged twice in these situations.
  • What items am I prohibited from purchasing?
    There are some items that cannot be purchased due to law governing shipping certain items overseas. Before placing any bids, please make sure that the item is not banned from overseas shipment. Again, we’re unable to refund or cancel any items once you’ve won or bid on said item.

    Please refer to our list of restricted items at the link below:

    List of items prohibited for shipping to all countries.
  • What payment methods are acceptable?
    We only accept PayPal payments through our website because it’s secure and one of the most trusted payment processing services on the planet. There is a PayPal fee of 3.9% of the bid/purchase price plus $40 yen. Here’s a payment that goes over all the specifics:

    click here for the Paypal guide
  • What currency am I able to deposit into my account?
    We only accept Japanese Yen.
  • What are JW Points and how do I use them?
    JW Points are redeemable points earned for the winning bid price/order amount. 1 JW Point is equivalent to 1 Yen. The JW Points can be used as a bidding / shopping deposit of for making payments.
  • How can I withdraw my available funds?
    After logging in to JapanWanted, go to the “My Page” screen. Once there, navigate to “Refund” and fill in the appropriate amount to withdraw. We will process your request to withdraw funds within 7 business days after receiving the request.
  • How do I figure out if you ship to my country?
    We ship products worldwide. Please be aware that some items are not eligible for international shipping (flammables, items containing lithium-ion/rechargeable batteries [handheld gaming consoles], etc.).
  • Does an item’s price range influence the chance of a tax decrease?
    Customs’ policies vary by region and country. In some countries, packages with a higher value are more likely to incur fees, but we’re not in a position to speculate for your specific situation. We recommend contacting your local Customs Office if you have any additional questions regarding duties and taxes.
  • Can I request undervalued declaration on a package?
    By rule of Japan and the Japanese Postal service, we are required to declare the value of items accurately on the package. We cannot complete any requests regarding undervaluing items.
  • Can I have my package(s) shipped to a different address?
    Yes. You can save items to addresses other than the registered address. You can save this secondary address in your JW Address Book.
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    Anywhere from 7 to 60 days depending on your choice of shipping. To view a list of shipping options, please click the link below:

    click here for the Shipping options
  • Can my orders be combined so that I can pay only one shipping cost?
    Yes. You’re able to use the “consolidate service” option when completing your order form. We will repackage your items into a single package and then have the package shipped. There is an additional 500 yen fee for using the consolidation service. Click the link below to learn more about our consolidation service:

    click here for the Consolidate option
  • I want to have my items shipped to a Japanese address. Is that possible?
    Please reach out to us via the User Page if you’d like to ship your items to a hotel in Japan or a Japanese address. We can make all the necessary arrangements to get the package to you.
  • How long can you store my items?
    We can store your items for 90 days without charge. Please note that if the total weight of your items exceeds 30 kg/maximum volume accepted by Japanese Post, we can start the shipping process at our own discretion.
  • How can I keep track of the status of my order?
    You can check on your order’s status by navigating to ‘Track Your Order” on JW’s My Page.
My Page
  • I just won an auction/purchased an item. What do I do now?
    We will contact the seller or store on your behalf. Once your item arrive in our warehouse, will notify you via email.
  • Will I be charged consumption tax?
    Please check the Package Information page. Once your item arrives at our warehouse, we will check the packaging size, weight, and condition. We will then input this information on the Package Information page for your review. We will typically ship the packages as we receive them from the seller/store, but you have the option of Repackaging or Consolidation services if needed.
  • Can I specify the International Shipping method?
    Yes, you’re able to choose the shipping method on the Shipping Instruction page. If have additional shipping specifications, please check the “Others” box and explain the specifications so that we can accommodate the request.
  • Am I able to change the shipping address after paying the cost for International Shipping?
    If all the payments have been processed and are complete, you will be unable to change your shipping address. If you have any special requests or issues, please contact our Customer Service team.
  • How can I check on the status of my order?
    You can check on your order’s status by navigating to “Order-Tracking” on JW’s My Page.
  • I didn’t receive my shipment tracking email. What now?
    First, we strongly recommend that you check your email’s spam/junk folder to see if the email went there by mistake. If you still cannot locate the email, please contact our Customer Service team.