Get Japanese products at low price! Commission Fee only 100 YEN!

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Service Fee – Japan Wanted
Service Fee

Japan wanted (JW) offers you the best way to deal with Japanese sellers. Now, anyone, regardless of Japanese speaking abilities, can have real-time access to the largest online auction of Japanese products: Yahoo Japan Auctions. Through our site, you can shop a variety of products that are in-demand all over the world.
When you buy any Japanese product on our site, we handle the rest of the logistics (from contacting the sellers to shipping internationally). You bid, and you buy—We contact, and we ship the product to you.

A very minimal auction fee is added on to any purchase.


Are you searching across stores to find the best Japanese product for you but also meanwhile spending too much of your time? Stop wasting this time.
Now, you can leave all your search worries to us. JW provides a curated collection of the best products available across a multitude of stores.You can, at last, enjoy your online shopping experience in one simple-to-use platform.

Ready to enjoy our shopping services? Please click on the shopping tab. The best Japanese product awaits you, courtesy JW

Shopping Website Fees

The commission fee is only 100 yen for a purchasing price under 10,000 yen.
If the price is over than 10,000 yen, the JW service fee will be 10% over the purchasing price.

Please notice these other small fees:
Domestic delivery fee: No extra charge. You only have to pay the actual shipping cost from the seller to our office.
Bank transfer fee: 300 yen per payment (fixed fee).
International delivery charge: We will charge only the actual shipping cost for your shipment to your address.
Payment handling charge: 3.9% + 40 yen (Zero charges for Point payments)
Additional fee: If applicable.

※All other costs, before and after items have been shipped, are to be paid by the buyer. This may include any handling fee or tax incurred (if needed, for example, by customs and import duties in your country, all local sales taxes, etc) while processing the auction item.

For more convenience, please review the following table:

  • Charge 1
    Yahoo Auction Shopping Website
    A. Wining Price / Purchase - - - -
    B. Commission
    100 yen per item is charged in addition to the closing price if closing price is under 10,000 yen. 100 yen per order for prices under 10,000 yen.
    If the price is over than 10,000 yen, the JW service fee will be charged at 10% over the closing price. If the price is over than 10,000 yen, the JW service fee will be charged at 10%.
    - - Multiple items in one order must be from the same store and have the same delivery time.
    C. Bank transfer fee 300 yen (fixed fee) 300 yen (fixed fee)
    Yahoo Auction
    Shopping Website
  • Charge 2
    Yahoo Auction Shopping Website
    A. Domestic delivery Actual shipping cost from seller to our office. Actual shipping cost from seller to our office.
    B. International
    Delivery Charges
    Actual shipping cost to your address Actual shipping cost to your address
    C. Additional fees if If applicable If applicable
    Yahoo Auction
    Shopping Website

The fee for combining multiple items and repackaging items: 500 yen / box We provide check service to ensure that you will received the same products as you ordered.
The fee for checking: 300 yen / box