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Terms & Conditions

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  • 1) Definition

    The following terms used in our website are defined as follows:

    ● “Member” refers to the person who agrees to the Terms and Conditions and have registered as a member.

    ● “We” refers to Japanwanted.

    ● “Service” refers to the transaction services that we provide to our customers.

    ● “Transaction” refers to the transfer of money in buying and selling of items by members through this website.

    ● “Seller” refers to the Auction-Company who provides the platform for bidding and sells their products through our website.

    ● “Terms and Conditions, etc.” refers to the following Terms and Conditions and Cautionary Notes when using this website.

    ● “Agreements” term is collectively meant by all and every rules posted on the Website by Crescent including but not limited to this Terms of Use.

    ● “Member’s Information” means that the information disclosed by the individual/member of our website in order to obtain our services.

  • 2) Services (Auction, Shopping)

    ● Auction Service: This service means to act on behalf of a Member on request to purchase relevant merchandise through Website auction and dispatch it to such Member.

    ● Shopping Service: This service means to act on behalf of any Member on request to purchase relevant merchandise through Website and dispatch it to such Member.

  • 3) Membership Requirements

    ● Japanwanted (JW) only permits members to use our services to purchase the specified items out of the items listed on Yahoo Japan Auction.

    ● The Member shall have acknowledged the Terms & Condition of our site, have signed up to use the Service, have been approved by JW and must have a member ID.

    ● The Member may not transfer his membership to any other third party.

  • 4) Management of Member ID and Password

    ● Once the member IDs are issued after successful membership registrations, members are responsible for managing their member ID and password for the future.

    ● Members may not let use any third party use their member ID or password, lend, transfer or sell it, or engage in any form of equivalent conduct.

    ● Members shall be responsible for any losses or damage to their Member ID, inappropriate usage or third party usage of their member ID and password. The Company shall accept no liability in such conditions.  

    ● In any case if a member ID or password has been divulged to a third party, or there is a risk of a member ID or password being used by a third party, the relevant member would inform us immediately and proceed as instructed. If Company sustains any losses or damage as a result of the unauthorized usage of a member ID or password, the relevant member shall compensate accordingly.

    ● Members are advised to change their password on a regular basis. The Company shall accept no liability for any losses or damage sustained as a result of members failing to fulfill such obligations.

    ● Replacement or Reissue of Member ID and passwords shall be done only in cases if Company finds it appropriate.

  • 5) Change of Registered Information

    Any changes or modifications in a user’s information will be subjected to Company privacy policy. If any member wants to modify his/her personal information, then he must request for the changes.
    Company will not be responsible for any disadvantage or damage whatsoever caused by the Member’s failure to amend such registration information. However, if any transaction has already been commenced prior to the amendment of such registration information, Company will perform such transaction in accordance with the registration information valid at the time of commencement of the transaction.

  • 6) Cancellation of membership

    In any cases if a member wants to cancel his/her membership, he/she can simply send a request to us for the cancellation of his/her membership. We will instruct him/her to a simple procedure for how to cancel his/her membership.
    In the event of a member not using his ID for a long time and Japanwanted doubts some miss-happening might have occurred with him, his membership will be automatically be cancelled.

  • 7) Suspension or Termination of membership

    In any circumstances if Company finds the Member indulging in any illegal or suspicious activity it may lead to the suspension of User’s membership.
    Company has the legal rights to suspend or expel the membership of a user under these following conditions without any prior notice.

    ● When Company finds a Member misused his/her member ID, password, or this site.

    ● When Company finds any Member failed to pay for the Purchase Costs within the specified time period.

    ● When the Member files for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, or faces seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposition or court enforcement.

    ● When Company finds that a Member’s password is input incorrectly more than the given number of attempts.

    ● When a Member is not using this site for a long time period.

    ● When Company finds any Member to violate the Rules & Regulations described by Japanwanted.

  • 8) Disclaimers/Limitation on Liabilities

    ● No user will hold Japanwanted responsible for auction sellers' actions or inactions, including loss or damages resulting from inaccurate information posted or items for they sell. You acknowledge that Japanwanted is not an auction seller but just an intermediary or service provider that simply is a platform which forwards items from the seller to you. Japanwanted has no control over and does not guarantee the quality, authenticity, safety or legality of items advertised, the truth or accuracy of listings, the ability of sellers to sell items, or complete a transaction. You have to undertake all transactions solely at your own risk.

    ● If you have a dispute with one or more auction sellers, you will not include Japanwanted (and its officers, directors, and employees) to any claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes. Japanwanted will not take any responsibility for such kind of disputes between sellers and users.

    ● Japanwanted does not guarantee the continuous access of services form all the sellers or to the Website. All use of the services or of the website is provided on an “as is, as available” basis.

    ● Japanwanted is not liable for the loss incurred by violation of these Terms and Conditions.
    Japanwanted cannot guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, usefulness, reliability, or legality of information about Sellers, the transaction conducted by Sellers, the products sold, the service and the information on the website as well as the personal information of the Sellers, or whether they infringe the rights of third parties.

    ● There may be country specific duties and taxes imposed on your bid that are not reflected in our prices. As Japanwanted is unable to partake in the clearing of items through customs in your country, in the case that your items require additional documentation, or additional tax and duties are required, you are fully responsible for providing such documents and import related payments. For details regarding requirements of importing your items, please contact your local customs office.

    ● If the destination country requires an import license or other permit for import of your product, it is your responsibility to obtain such a license or permit at your own expense.

    ● Japanwanted is not liable for any fraudulent activities related with your transaction. If the seller does not send us the products even though we paid final winning price, we normally do not charge our commission for this case to member. But member should bear and pay all invoiced charges as according to his bid.

    ● To prevent the fraud usage of credit cards, we inquire for an authorization number from our members if we receive a request from our credit card company. The card holder can get that number easily by contacting the credit card company. Please note that we will dispose of the item without notice if we cannot receive a correct authorization number within 10 days.

    ● In different countries, there may be different import restrictions. Please contact your country's relevant department for details before you make a purchase via our service. Please note that we are not liable for any loss from your side to comply with these terms. In such a case, we are not able to cancel your order as well.

    ● Members are recommended to provide the correct Item name, Item picture and Individual item URL, and these 3 descriptions should be identical to each other. We are not responsible in case we bought the incorrect item due to your wrong description inputs.

    ● All orders placed through Japanwanted website are made under the company director’s name. As a result, when purchasing products such as concert tickets, entry passes, etc, which require a customer’s name to be printed, Japanwanted is unable to change this name to the purchasing customer’s name. Additionally, as we are unable to provide proof of identification, there is the possibility of a ticket becoming invalid as you will be unable to provide proof of identity that matches the name written on the purchased product. As such, before purchasing please confirm whether proof of identification is necessary. Japanwanted will not take any responsibility for items which become invalid due to identification problems and, as a result, cannot offer a refund.

    ● When ordering items from Japanwanted through our bidding system, the name under which the items are purchased will be the original purchaser of the item. Except for when the seller is offering a service where they will change the name on the order to that of a 3rd party name, generally the name will remain as that of the original purchaser.

    ● You agree to be bound by the terms in the “Disclaimer” of the Website, which is expressly incorporated herein.

  • 9) Prohibited products

    The following are items that are prohibited to be exported due to the related restrictions of Japan customs.
    Please surely confirm them before ordering.
    We will not accept the cancellation and refund request for these items.

    • Gold, silver, white gold, other precious metals, precious stones including diamonds and semiprecious stones, currency of all countries (banknotes and coins), various jewelry goods, other valuables
    • Marketable securities
    • Correspondence and communicative means defined as correspondence under current law
    • Living animals
    • Body remains, memorial tablets and ashes
    • Items that can easily transubstantiate or decay
    • Small firearms' explosives and firearms
    • Explosive substances
    • Compressed gas
    • Inflammable liquids and solids, combustible solids体
    • Photoflash lamp
    • Magnetic substances
    • Mercury
    • Acids and other putrefactive substances, bases and acids
    • Oxidants
    • Poison
    • Radioactive materials
    • Vaporizing materials
    • Articles defined as aviation hazards (in accordance to ICAO Technical Instructions and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations)
    • Narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs as defined by International Narcotics Control Board as well as other illicit drugs prohibited for export and import
    • Obscene and unlawful items
    • Counterfeit items and pirated editions
    • Objects harmful for the users or general public; items that can contaminate or damage cargo, cargo facilities and property of the third parties
    • Explosives and other dangerous articles, filthy items that can damage the packages of others
    • Items prohibited from transportation by law
    • Cargo that is prohibited or limited from transport, export, import by law of the government of exporting/importing country, state, local municipality and federation, including the transit country.
    • Food
    • Lethal weapons
    • Items that contain multiple personal data
    • Other items deemed inapplicable by our company (including the items below):
    • / Credit and cash cards
    • / Examination admission slips
    • / Animal products
    • / Pharmacological materials, medicinal drugs, medical samples (i.e. diagnostic samples, blood, tissue samples)
    • / Liquids
    • / Passport
    • / Bills of loading
    • / Plants (including herbal products)
    • / Guns, weapons, swords, ammunition and their parts
    • / Antiquities, art objects and artifacts
    • / Collectibles and rarities
    • / Industrial diamonds
  • 10) Service use

    Each customer will be subject to an auction fee, a bank transfer fee, an international delivery fee, and a payment handling fee. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and other additional fees may apply. All customers are able to make secure payments through many different payment modes offered on the JAPANWANTED platform.

  • 11) Refund Policy

    Because Japanwanted is an intermediary service provider between you and the seller, We do not issue refunds of item prices, commissions or fees, or domestic and international delivery fees for any reason.

  • 12) Prohibited conducts

    Following are the prohibited conducts while using our site. Members must agree not to commit these activities.

    ● Use of site for unauthorized purposes.

    ● Violation of the terms & regulations of Japanwanted and other third party’s rights of trademark, copy rights, design rights, intellectual property rights such as patents, image rights, publicity rights etc.

    ● Defamation of character, damage to credit, or invasion of privacy of Japanwanted or the other third party.

    ● Indulging in conduct linked to fraud or other criminal activities.

    ● Release of harmful programs, such as computer viruses, that do harm to other users also.

    ● Alteration or hacking of Japanwanted’s or the other third party’s information.

    ● Misuse of Japanwanted’s or the other third party’s services and interference of the operations.

    ● Acts which breach the laws, the TOS, the other regulations, or offend public order and morals.

    ● Purchase of the goods prohibited by the laws and regulations using this site.

    ● The other acts that Japanwanted believes inappropriate.

    ● The Member shall not make direct contact, negotiation, agreements and contracts with the seller regarding the items to purchase.

    ● If the Member misuses the terms or the other regulations cause Japanwanted any loss, the Member shall compensate Japanwanted for its loss.

  • 13) Applicable Law

    ● The Terms & Conditions and the other regulations shall be applicable to the laws of Japan.
    ● If any dispute arises regarding the Terms and the other regulations, Japan Court shall be the agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.