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Payment – Japan Wanted
Japanwanted offers you a simple platform to make secure payments through many different payment modes for your convenience. Online shopping for Japanese products becomes effortless now with our auction services.

※Payment Currency will be accepted as Japanese Yen ONLY.

JW Points

Do you want to receive rewards for being a customer at JW?
We offer JW points for our customers. Whenever you purchase a certain amount at Japanwanted, you are eligible for rewards points. As you accumulate JW points, you can apply them towards purchases.

"The price for it will be redeemed by 0.1%" doesn't make sense.

Here is a brief overview of the JW rewards points system for you:
1,000 Yen1 POINT
5,000 Yen5 POINT
10,000 Yen10 POINT
50,000 Yen50 POINT
100,000 Yen100 POINT